Content strategy for sustainable organic growth

Content marketing is the instrument with which companies can stand out and distinguish themselves in the long term - relevant points of contact are created through added content value for the target group.

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our structured method

Documented content marketing strategy for tangible quality

A solid foundation for long-term success with direct benefits for the consumer.

Definition und Analyse der Zielgruppe
1First Step

Definition and analysis of the target group

In the first step, characteristics and consumption habits of the target group are examined. Psychographic factors are for example behavioural characteristics, values and preferences of your customers. What lifestyle do they have? What moves them and why? Which hobbies do they pursue in their free time? All these questions help you to put yourself in the shoes of your target group. Why does the customer buy? What does they buy? Which channels are used? What influences the buying decision? What price can and will the target group pay?

2Second Step

Analysis of existing content

  • Communication messages
  • Competition Analysis
  • Influencer Analysis

Analyse von Content
3Third Step

Topic analysis

The basis for topic analysis is the target group analysis, which was already identified in the previous target group analysis. Which contents interest the users? Have topics already been covered? Which contents are still missing?

4Fourth Step

target setting

A concrete and specific definition is essential in order to avoid ambiguity through generalisations. We rely on measurable quantities, both qualitative and quantitative. Targets must be achievable and include incentives. Unrealistic goals lead to frustration. A deadline helps in the structure and for the strict adherence to goals.

Festlegung von Zielen
Optimierung von Content und Keywords
5Last Step

Optimization of content and keywords

High-quality website texts offer the readers first and foremost an added value. This means that they solve the concrete problem of the website visitor in as much detail as possible. In the best case, the text also addresses related questions that the reader was not even aware of. Good website texts also fulfil other criteria:

  • unique content
  • adapted to target group and objective of the website
  • well researched and expertly written
  • no spelling or grammar errors
  • deal with a topic as comprehensively as possible and offer unknown information
  • meet the expectations of the readers and are subject to quality control
  • take into account different points of view on an issue
  • follows a clear structure

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