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Content is king, but it must be able to be used by search engines and also by users. Nowadays, anyone can create an appealing website relatively easily, but the result is in most cases poorly optimized. This has a strong impact on the findability and search engine ranking. The only remedy is a basic technical and textual optimization!

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What is SEO ?

The goal of SEO is therefore not just to be at the top. Search engine optimization has the goal to be represented on good positions in the search engines for relevant search terms and pages. SEO makes sure that the content is easily understood by the search engines and prevents technological, semantic and textual misinterpretations.

Four steps to successful SEO

How do we achieve perfect quality and performance?

Our technical optimisation is based on the public standards of Google itself and we have extended these with our own performance indicators.

1the initial step


According to John Mueller of Google, the limit at which most of your visitors are willing to wait for your page to load is about 2 seconds. Exceeding this limit leads to an increased bounce rate. This means that users have had a bad experience and Google does not highly rate websites that do not provide a good user experience. One second may not seem like a long time, but in terms of loading time it can make a big difference.

2the second step


These checks highlight ways to improve the accessibility of your web application. Only a subset of accessibility problems can be detected automatically, so manual testing is also recommended. Accessibility is helpful for 100% of users, necessary for 30% and essential for 10%. In Germany, 7.5 million people are considered severely disabled and these are also among the relevant online customers.

Best Practises
3the third step

Best Practices

The analysis of the best practices ensures that the underlying technologies work flawlessly in the context of the website. Thus the application can function smoothly and securely. These points are also incorporated into the search engine algorithm, as these factors speak for a high quality standard.

4the last step

IT Security

Remarkably, thousands of websites are vulnerable to attacks and are hacked every day. Data can be lost, thousands of dollars in costs can be incurred, or worse, attackers could use your website to target your visitors. Bots automatically scan the web for vulnerabilities in websites and hack into these websites automatically and within seconds. That's why you should check if your website is vulnerable to attacks.

IT Sicherheit
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